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Never again will a single story be told
as though it were the only one.
– John Berger

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The TED Talk delivered by Chimamanda Adichie in 2009 titled, “The Danger of a Single Story,” resonates with John Berger’s sympathetic claim. The representation of a single story about a people not only simplifies their complex realities but also misunderstands and misinterprets them.

People, both insiders and outsiders, who do not possess a broad range of experiences in a particular society often fall into the trap of producing a single story as if it were the ultimate. Apparently, this lopsided perspective projects inauthentic representations of such a society.

Ijagun Poetry Journal is a quarterly journal that, however, provides a platform from which we can tell our own stories in the authenticity of their multiplicity through the poetic medium, which is often neglected. Rather than focus our poetic lens on one side of our story, we intend to project the whole sides of our story – the good and the evil, the holy and the profane, the trivial and the serious, the tragic and the comic, the corrupt and the just, the heroic and the villainous, the rich and the poor, love and hatred, men and women, and so on, especially those that blur the borders of the binary categories of those experiences we are familiar with.

Moreover, we don’t want to hear these stories from our master “griots” alone; we want to hear from those mastering their art too. Hence, we aim at publishing new and emerging poets. We also welcome the works of established poets in order to encourage the poetic genius of those mastering poetic art. We prize original works that conform to or break conventions. Again, we accept reviews and critical essays on poetry. We also accept powerful art works and photographs that would make us appreciate the poetry in everything.

Ijagun presents a platform for poetic development for those who possess the propensity for creative maturity.

Ijagun is all about poetry!


Gabriel Bamgbose
Founding Editor

21 Responses to About Us

  1. Seun Adefope says:

    great work, pal. keep it up.

  2. Clemson says:

    Great initiative!

  3. kenny- Sho says:

    Quite the sound debate Editor.
    The multi-faceted story it is, Poetry captures it the best.

  4. Aregbesola Babajide kehinde says:

    I love it, i want to be a part of it because it encourages young and upcoming literatis. If this kind of manoeuver is encouraged, the literary consciousness of Nigerians will mature at large.

  5. joanmcnerney says:

    Wonderful, so happy to be a part of this!

  6. Hi there, I am new in wordpress but has been part of the journals. However, I must confess that I am amazed at the depth of the creative ingenuity of this concept, and I am so glad that I am a part of this history. Thank you!

  7. David Segun says:

    This’s a great one! I’m thrilled.

  8. C.J. Black says:

    Just found you thanks to Kevin Samspel – My Saturday night’s reading may just be sorted.

  9. Rfx Writes says:

    Oga, this is a wonderful idea. I am counting myself, in right away. 😊

    It’s job!

  10. Ochai Isaac says:

    Poetry in her abject deepness has in various dimensions unravelled the saint and profane of man mostly satirically in the society.Has defined the immortality and mundane of man’s life in condensed languages screening through austerity in toughness and brave. Thank Him for a man of wisdom and insight who out of wish dresses man’s wounds.Am a votary to Basit Olatunji, the presiding hero of the moment

    • Basit Olatunji says:

      Thank you, Ochai. You make feel on top of the world. Soon, the word would write into fame too; and your fame will explode into the world

  11. Ochai Isaac says:

    Am so inspired! Many thanks to Ijagun for this tremendous initiative.

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