IJAGUN POETRY JOURNAL is set to re-invigorate the appreciation of poetic art in its diverse forms in our society. It is obvious that poetry does not attract much attention like the other forms of literature in the Nigerian literary scene. Even the few poems that find their way to the scene are mostly men’s. Women’s poetry is the most neglected. Hence, this platform encourages both men and women poets in Nigeria to partake in the artistic broth with equal share. Besides, we call on poets, emerging or established, anywhere in the world to partake of this broth.

We intend to promote poetic tradition and encourage emerging poets through the publication of our quarterly e-journal. We will also be publishing an annual anthology of poetry as part of our means of projecting the new voices and new faces.

Even though we are fairly “small,” we have the propensity for rapid expansion. We hope you would find our journal interesting.

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