Tied up

People punctuate my free flow,
Interrupt me,
Make me stammer instead of strut,
Having to resort to exclamations
While they accentuate my path
Until I can no longer speak,
And I’m dragging my thoughts
All laced up in myself –
Tied up in nots.
Afraid of being loose
In case they use me as a skipping rope
To work out
I’m ailing –
While they make themselves fit.

Anthony Ward

About Ijagun Poetry Journal

Ijagun Poetry Journal is a quarterly journal that provides a platform from which we can tell our own stories in the authenticity of their multiplicity through the poetic medium. We don’t want to hear these stories from our master “griots” alone; we want to hear from those mastering their art, too. Hence, we aim at publishing new and emerging poets. We also welcome the works of established poets in order to encourage the poetic genius of those mastering poetic art. We prize original works that conform to, break or reinvent conventions. Again, we accept reviews and critical essays on poetry. We also accept powerful art works and photographs that make us appreciate the "poetry" in everything.
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1 Response to Tied up

  1. “Tied up in nots.”… That was too good!
    Well written!

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